40 years ago

Brechin Town Council is to make a donation of £25 towards the running of Brechin’s annual Civic Week (June 1 to June 10). The Burgh Surveyor was asked to procure more bunting to add to the modest display in previous years and also to use some of the Christmas lighting to brighten up the City Hall and Mechanic’s Institute.

Rents of the pre-war houses in Cookston Road will be increased by £15 a year when they are modernised.

THE campaign to raise money for the redecoration of Farnell Church - at an estimated cost of £600 - is meeting with the most encouraging response. Everyone seems to be involved. There was a very successful effort at Mains of Farnell the other week and a sale of work is planned for July 14.

Brechin’s internal bus service it is hoped, will go into operation on Monday, June 18. Messrs. Alexander are to run four buses a day, Monday to Friday, inclusive.