50 years ago

Brechin’s new High School will need to be larger than the present building, even though the population of the district did not increase, declared rector S. Anderson at Brechin Rotary Club. One reason was that the school leaving age would probably be raised to 16. He thought that this would come about earlier than some people expected.

The recent house to house collection in Edzell taken for the Dundee, Angus and South Kincardineshire Fund for the Blind and organised by the Reverend Dr. A. Watt, produced £4 4s.

One always associates two things with Brechin’s Red Cross branch - efficiency and generosity; so it was not surprising that the coffee morning in the City Hall on Saturday in aid of the Centenary Year Appeal Fund of the Red Cross in Scotland proved so highly successful. There should be over £200 clear profit - which shows how much hard work there was behind it all.