50 years ago

Brechin City 3, Hamilton 6. The Brechin defence must shoulder the blame for this defeat - every one of the visitors’ goals was a defensive blunder. As one staunch supporter was heard to say: “They keep playing trialist forwards, but it’s defenders they need, they haven’t had a decent defence since the days of Hodge and co. Brechin: Gray; Dawson, McLevy; Dunn, Forsyth, Pollock; Reid, Irvine, Doull, Newman, Pattie. Newman sustained a broken leg.

Heavy Hockey defeat: Brechin were no match for the visitors but put up quite a show. Final result Brechin 1, Grove 8. The following week ‘The Wards Parkers’ were to travel to play Lawside, team: Allison; Hammond, Honeyman; Barton, Illingworth, Mitchell; Ballantine, Fullerton, Jolly, Reid, Irvine.