Angus SWRI

THE ANGUS round of the ‘Variations on a Theme’ competition will take place in Letham Hall on Tuesday, August 28, starting at 7pm with five teams taking part.

Also September brings the start of the 2012-13 session of Angus federation SWRI meetings.

There are 39 Institutes in the Angus area, all of whom would welcome new members.

Meetings take place once a month when a guest speaker will give a demonstration or talk on an interesting topic.

In addition, a wide range of activities are undertaken including competitions locally and nationally in art, craft baking etc, and also in sporting activities such as curling, bowling and golf.

For full details of meetings in your area please contact either Mrs Norah Meikle, Federation Chairman on tel 01382 581221 or Mrs Mary Daun on 01307 464935 or visit the SWRI website and follow the links.