Aquatic club could be homeless again

Members of the Montrose Sub aquatic club, who use the current Brechin High School pool, could be forced to move for a second time.

The club, who had to vacate the Montrose pool after the new pool didn’t meet the standards they need, could have to find a new home as the planned depth of the new high school pool - at 1.8 meters - is not deep enough to allow for diving lessons.

One of the organisers of the sub aquatic club, Allan Swan, said: “They are not making a pool that is suitable for all users like they said they would. They shouldn’t be making a swimming pool that is nearly state of the art - they should make one that is state of the art.

“We don’t want to have to relocated the group, as we want to bring people from across Angus in to Brechin. We’ve got members from as far north as Aberdeenshire, and we have guys coming from Dundee, as well as from around Angus, and the club is another way to promote Brechin.”

The group has appealed to Angus Council over the move, with deputy leader of the council, councillor Paul Valentine, approached by Mr Swan to look in to the issue.

An Angus council spokesperson said: “While draft plans for the new pool have been developed these have not been finalised and therefore no decision has been made on the agreed depth.

“The final decision will be informed by a number of different factors.

“This includes the guidelines by Sportscotland who recommend a minimum depth of 1.8 metres for sub aqua activities, feedback gathered from the 12 week public consultation and also the requirement of a gradient of one metre to 1.2 metres for the teaching of swimming to young children.

“As part of the consultation period we received feedback about widening the pool but none concerning its depth.

“However we are currently investigating the feasibility and associated costs of building of a pool with a depth of three metres and that information will be considered along with the other factors prior to the design being finalised.”

The group is holding a free try-a-dive taster session at Brechin High School on Monday (October 28) at 7.30 p.m.

For more information, contact Barrie on 07801178891 or Allan on 07553358838 after 6 p.m.