Bag and bin your pet’s mess

Community warden David Morton.
Community warden David Morton.

The issue of dog fouling has been infuriating residents in Carnoustie with the problem escalating over the last few weeks.

Angus Council has confirmed Carnoustie is not alone in experiencing problems with dog owners who fail to clear up after their pets.

And, like other parts of Angus, it seems the prevalence of abandoned dog poo worsens during the winter months when people seem less inclined to #bagitandbinit

In a statement issued by Angus Council it states it’s a selfish approach to take, as dog faeces in our public spaces is unpleasant, anti-social and presents a very serious health risk, particularly to children.

What’s more it is against the law.

Anyone who falls foul of legislation and fails to pick up after their pet risks a fine of £80.

Local authority community wardens carry out regular patrols in Carnoustie and all other Angus towns.

As well as enforcing the law, the council will investigate complaints and concerns they receive and tailor resources accordingly.

The council stated: “All our streets are regularly cleaned and swept and our Poover is also dispatched across the county to clean up where others have failed to do so.

“But it’s the actions of dog walkers that can make the greatest difference, by picking up after their dogs straightaway, bagging it and binning it.

“We have around 1600 dual litter bins and dog waste bins across Angus and available for use. Carnoustie has 65 dual purpose bins and 46 dog waste bins. There is no excuse for not picking up after your pet. We would encourage anyone who sees someone not cleaning up after their dog to report it online on our Report Dog Fouling page. You can also buy dog bags from ANGUSalive libraries, sports centres and Ranger’s centres. They are 20p for 25. Please do everyone a favour - bag it and bin it.”

Frustrated Carnoustie residents have taken took to social media to vent their fury over owners who fail to pick up after their pets.

They have named and shamed a number of streets and public places affected.