Beattie School of Dancers make the grade

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The exams results for the students of Beattie School of Dance are in.

In October 2016 students at the Beattie School of Dance sat their annual in house Highland dancing examinations.

All girls passed with flying colours.

Sara Beattie, owner and teacher, said: “As a dance teacher, we have moments in our lives that make everything else make sense.

“When a student dances to the best of their ability it makes me think this is the reason I do this job.

“My pupils are my backbone. Their dedicated, loyal, passionate and protective.

“They’re everything you want and more in a student.

“Every lesson is different, every child is different, but the reason they all come the dance class is the same, that’s what makes it so special.

“If there was an award for the proudest teacher in the world, I reckon I would have won it.”

Examination results

Princess Award – all passed: Helena Leon, Zoe Anderson, Thea Moore, Mhairi Stewart, Kaidee Foreman, Eilidh Reekie, Maya Haig, Alana Pawlick, Neave Barnett.

Uni-Ted Master Plaque and Blue Badge – all passed: Sadie Robertson, Mirren Forfar, Lena Lisewska, Jasmine Fox, Sophia Leon, Ellie Richardson, Samantha Beedie, Marisse Rutherford.

Uni-Ted Master Red and Yellow Badge – all passed: Lacey Jackson, Argyle Ross, Lily Davie, Isla Stewart, Sophie McBain, Maisie Merchant.

Introductory One Award – all passed: Maggie Mccabe, Kaylagh Tough, Ellis Cariney

Pre-Bronze Award – all passed: Kayce Prosser, Alisha Tough, Ashlyn Macdougall, Keira Duncan, Charlotte Lunn, Jodi Dalgetty, Lexie Sivewright, Monet Rutherford

Bronze Award – Lauren Mackie (Highly Commended), Isla Keith (Highly Commended), Logan Davie (Honours), Shelby Willox (Highly Commended).

Silver Award – Isla Paterson-Skene (Highly Commended).

Upper Gold Award: Aimee Mackie (Highly Commended), Ellie Dalgetty (Honours), Kenadie Sivewright (Distinction).

In House Annual Awards:

Ellie Dalgetty – Most improved Dancer of the Year 2016

Jasmine Fox – Primary Dancer of the Year 2016

Kenadie Sivewright – Senior Dancer of the Year 2016

Pictured are:

Front row (left to right): Neave Barnett, Kaidee Foreman, Helena Leon, Mhairi Stewart, Eilidh Reekie, Maya Haig, Thea Moore, Jasmine Fox, Zoe Anderson

Second Row (left to right): Samantha Beedie, Marisse Rutherford, Lena Lisewska, Mirren Forfar, Ellie Richardson, Lacey Jackson, Kaylagh Tough, Sophie McBain, Maisie Merchant, Isla Stewart, Sophie Leon, Argyle Ross, Sadie Robertson.

Third Row (left to right): Keira Duncan, Jodi Dalgetty, Ashlyn MacDougall, Ellis Cairney, Lauren Mackie, Isla Keith, Lexie Sivewright, Kenadie Sivewright, Charlotte Lunn, Kayce Prosser, Alisha Tough.

Back Row (Left to right): Isla Paterson-Skene, Monet Rutherford, Logan Davie, Ellie Dalgetty, Sara Beattie (Teacher), Shelby Willox, Aimee Mackie

Youngsters Absent - Alana Pawlick, Lily Davie and Maggie Mccabe.