Big Red (and big green friend!) pay a head-turning visit to Brechin

diesel locomotive
diesel locomotive

A rather large, bright red visitor to Brechin turned heads at the end of last week as it wound its way through the streets of the town.

Big Red, as the visitor is known, was in Brechin bringing home a resident of the town that has been south of the border for the past six years.

Big Red is, in fact, a special, big rig lorry designed to transport heavy loads all over the country at speeds of up to 35mph. The special cargo it was transporting this time was Caledonian Railway’s 71 tonne diesel locomotive No D5370.

The journey north wasn’t entirely uneventful as it was forced to stop at Hamilton Services to allow Commonwealth Games traffic to die down.

Arriving in Brechin Big Red certainly knew how to draw a crowd and turned a lot of heads in Brechin as it manouevred its way through St Ninian’s Square and past the public library as it made its way to Caledonian Railway. The mega-sized truck then had to slowly squeeze into an unloading position around the historic Brechin station buildings.

Once at the track Big Red had an important part to play as it helped the locomotive line up with the ramp for rolling on to Caledonian Railway metals. Part of Big Red’s convoy includes a winch truck which manouevred the train into place.

The historic diesel train was returning home to Brechin from the Lakeside Railway in Cumbria where it has been on loan since 2008.

A spokesman for Caledonian Railway said the train was a British Railways class 27. Trains of this type operated all over Scotland from the late 1960s to the 1980s.

Back on home territory there was to be no rest for the train. After it was unloaded it received a fitness inspection by the loco crew and then it was then straight back to work at the weekend hauling trains for visitors who were happy to go along to welcome it home.