Brechin Bowling Club hold awards night

The Brechin Bowling Club held their annual prize giving evening for both the Ladies’ and Men’s section on Saturday, October 19.

The men’s awards were:-

Sye Easton trophy - D. Stewart.

Ed Gray, mixed fours - 1, N Cook, A MacIntosh, M May, A Towns; 2, A Fyfe, D Wilson, D Peattie and N Duncan.

Scott Barbour, mixed triples - 1, A MacIntosh, D Peattie and C Porter; 2, M McMillan, R Wood and I Barclay.

Johnny Lees two bowl pairs - 1, D Allison and Barclay; 2, D Stewart and C Porter.

TSB mixed pairs - 1, J McGilp and N Duncan; 2, A Lockhart and R Lockhart.

Fraser pairs - 1, J Welsh and I Barclay.

Leicester fours - 1, D Napier, C McLean, R Lockhart and R Grant; 2, D Birse, D Wilson, N Duncan and E Baillie.

Shiell trophy - 1, D Paton, E Baillie and R Grant; 2, C Porter, J Grubb and I Barclay,

Ormerod pairs, club pairs - 1, G Halliday and G Guthrie; 2, M Ord and S Burnett.

Calderwood (over-60s singles) - 1, R Lockhart; 2, G Cuthill.

Duncan bowl (handicap singles) - 1, E Baillie; 2 A Gray.

Bearehill (singles) - 1, E Baillie; 2, R Grant.

The ladies’ awards were:-

Cath Bryans Trophy -1, E Simpson and D Stewart; 2, M Hutcheon and M Cattanach.

Balloted triples - 1, A Mitchell, A. Davidson and D Stewart; 2, N Cook, J Wood and M May.

Three-bowl pairs - 1, M Robertson and M May; 2, N Cook and I Reid.

Two-bowl pairs - 1, E Finlayson and M Gray; 2, D Peattie and P Grubb.

Balloted pairs - 1, D Allison and M. May; 2, M Hutcheon and M McMillan.

Nominated pairs - 1, D Stewart and M. Cattanach; 2, A Davidson and M May.

40th Anniversary cup - 1, D Allison; 2, C Sword.

Wendy - 1, J McGilp; 2, B Napier.

Handicap - 1, M May; 2 D Stewart.

Glenairlie Cup - 1, M Gray; 2, M May.