Brechin Probus Club latest news

At the Brechin Probus Club meeting held last week, Brian Titmuss entertained members with a very interesting talk.

His topic was a recent holiday to Florida.

In his presentation he showed photographs of the various highlights of the journey such as the Bok Tower Gardens- which was a gift to the nation given by William Bok.

Bok then built the Bok tower, which is 208 feet high.

It is now used as his gravestone to commemorate his death.

Also among Brian’s highlights was a small town called Dundee, in Yates County, New York.

It was the first time Brian had come across something in the United States that was smaller than in Scotland.

He then spoke on his experience at visiting the museum of the world renowned Ringler Barnam Bailey Circus.

He told the group it could only be described as “spectacular.”

The museum of art also featured in Brian’s presentation, with all the extravagance and elegance of the time.

Mike Andrews proposed thanks on behalf of the members.