Brechin Probus hear about Glaxo Smith

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Chairman Bob Berry welcomed members of the Brechin Probus Club to the meeting at the Northern Hotel last Tuesday.

He thanked the members for supporting the outing to the Angus Minstrels Show at the Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath, on November 5, and hoped all enjoyed the show.

Bob then welcomed Neil Smith, a Brechiner, to speak to the club about Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) at Montrose.

After school, Neil started working at Oswald Engineering off Damacre Road. He went from there to Glaxo and has never looked back.

He outlined the structure of the company and showed their manufacturing sites. GSK has two Scottish sites, one at Irvine and one at Montrose, which bring about £80 million to the Scottish economy. The company has a very green philosophy and hope to be carbon neutral at Montrose by the end of 2014.

Some of their major products are Ventolin an anti-allergy inhaler, Fluticasone an anti-inflammatory cream and Zantac for control of stomach ulcers.

The talk was well received by the members and Dr Mike Andrewes gave the vote of thanks. Members were reminded that the next meeting is on Tuesday (November 26) when Dr Elise Andrewes will recount her tales of the riverbank from the Danube. Names for the Christmas lunch are to submitted at the next meeting.