Brechin rector reminisces

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At last week’s Brechin Rotary Club meeting past president Steve Dempsey took a nostalgic look at days gone by, with an emphasis on the life and times of his home town, Dungannon.

Steve painted a picture of life in the 60s and 70s when people evidently drove in MG sports cars and George Best was still playing football.

But he said it was also a time when events like the Ibrox disaster occurred and the troubles in Ireland were taking place.

Steve recalled that Dungannon, with its population equally split between Protestant and Catholic, had been very much affected.

He went on to say that there had been a lot of changes especially since the Good Friday agreement.

He remarked that Dungannon actually has quite a lot in common with Brechin with each town situated on hills, having a history of linen manufacture and being market towns.

Rotarian Bruce Robertson gave Steve a vote of thanks for his presentation.

During his talk Mr Dempsey treated the members to a few snaphots of his youth. The pupils at the High School may be interested to see their future rector in this picture taken around 1975.

Steve can be seen in this group of footballers second from the left at the back row.