Brechin Rotary raise over £400 with duck race

David takes care of the ducks while fellow members look on
David takes care of the ducks while fellow members look on

Brechin Rotary Club were able to raise £460 at a recent charity event, which saw ducks rushing to the finish line.

The group held their third annual Duck Race, which was in aid of the Watson-Watt appeal and the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Brechin Rotary Club president, Jim Houston, was pleased to announce that the race went swimmingly, although he did add that some of the ducks were a little reluctant to swim too far, but eventually all participating ducks crossed the finishing line.

Jim said: “David Robinson recaptured them all with no escapees at each of the races.

“He was rewarded by damp feet but carried on bravely.”

He added: ”The final race was between five contenders with the first three reaching the podium.

“The three winner’s names have been ‘duckumented’, and they will receive their prizes in due course.”

The president also thanked the Hardware store for their part in the charitable race, adding: “We are much indebted to the Hardware store and their staff who did a sterling job selling the ducks.”

Brechin Rotary Club will send three Brechin High School pupils to a the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Attendees take part in a challenging programme, which was adopted by the World Wide Rotary International in 1971, and has been held each year in District 1010 since 1984 and each year is enthusiastically supported by Brechin Rotary Club.

The programme provides young people and young adults the chance to apply their leadership and communication skills, share leadership ideas and experiences in a safe, enjoyable but challenging environment, which is intended to take them out of their comfort zone and ultimately improve their leadership potential.