Can you solve Glenesk head 

The newly uncovered head
The newly uncovered head

Volunteers at the Glenesk Folk Museum have found a fascinating object - a beautifully painted papier-mache head with a kid skin skull.

Curator Maria MacDonell explained: “We don’t know who donated it. She is a lovely curiosity. We think she is a late nineteenth century stand or ‘marotte’ for a milliner, or women’s hat maker. She is probably French. Hats and bonnets were essential for women in the nineteenth century so milliners were kept busy. Millinery was one of the few jobs which was thought acceptable for women to do.

“Our head has a rather sweet and surprised expression and we are very interested to know why she is in the glen. If anyone has an idea they can contact us at the Glenesk Folk Museum.

“We have over 30,000 objects, each one with its own story, many connecting directly to people still living in the glen and others which seem more mysterious. When the whole museum was demolished and rebuilt just over 10 years ago, everything had to be relocated, so we are still enjoying some wonderful surprises. We have so much to show that we change the displays as often as we can.”

Volunteers will be displaying the head for a few weeks, before replacing it with another curiosity.