Candidates sought for Guildry Travel Award

THE Dean of the Guildry of Brechin, Angus Callegari, has invited applications for the Guildry Travel Award 2010 which is open to young people in the Brechin area to facilitate travel for personal development by young people.

Angus said: “It is hoped that we will be able to look at a number of applications from those wishing to be considered and make another award this year, after a successful award in 2010.

“In 1991 Mr John Smart, the then Dean of Guild, set up a fund with a view to encouraging and supporting foreign travel, study and training by local young people who might otherwise find this impossible.

“An award would be made annually by the Dean, provided that a suitable candidate appeared.

“There have indeed been years when no award was made; but also years when more than one was allocated.

“The first recipient (1992) was Alexandra Hamper who used the award to attend a course on the environment in Belgium.

“In the following year Zoe Wood spent six months as a Link student in India, then Julie Oag had six months in Romania teaching English to Romanian children.

“In subsequent years contributions were made towards projects in Indonesia, Kathmandu, South Africa, France, Canada, Australia, the United States and a music cultural exchange to Cuba.

“Leah Farquhar was supported to travel to Brigham Young University, Utah on a course of Music and Drama in 2008; in 2009 three girls Lauren Cairney, Jodie McGregor and Kirsten Alexander shared the award and each went to various parts of the third world on worthy endeavours.

“In 2010 Paul Black has been supported to do a year’s study at The University of California as part of an exchange programme.

“While initially aimed at students in the ‘gap’ year between secondary and higher education, it was widened to include more senior students and is now envisaged that it should include those in vocational courses or apprenticeships.

“Travel need not necessarily be to outside the UK. The main criteria for the award remain the Brechin connection and the worthiness of the project that we choose to help.”

The award, which may be several hundred pounds, is totally under the stewardship of the Dean, who takes such advice as he considers appropriate.

Candidates who submit applications may be asked to attend for an informal interview and, if successful, furnish a report to the Guildry after they have completed their project.