Cathedral history talk for Acorn Club

A warm welcome was extended to The Reverend R. J. Grahame, minister of Brechin Cathedral, by Brechin Acorn Club president Anne Mitchell.

The theme for the afternoon was the history of the Cathedral starting from the seventh century. A Pictish hermit called Dubhoc or Dothoc appears to have had an anchorite cell on or near the current site.

This was the start of informative and interesting details explained during the talk. The Culdees, a reforming Church movement from Ireland, may have been responsible for the modernisation to the practices of the Pictish church.

Brechin was the mother church of the provinces of Angus and Mearns and the Culdee monks ministered to the local communities.

The present Cathedral had its origin in the mid 12th century. The restoration was done during 1900/02.

Wilma Smith gave the vote of thanks to Reverend Grahame for a fascinating history of the Cathedral.