Celebrating summer events in Brechin

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Winners of the City of Brechin and District Community Council’s summer competition were awarded medals at their latest meeting.

All entries to the competition, which was held over the summer to coincide with a number of events taking place in Brechin, were in the 18-and-over category with two winners being chosen.

The competition covered the Angus Show, the Olympic Torch relay and the Harley Davidson ride with entrants using a creative way to depict the events.

Mary Dow and Ina Nicoll, members of the Arts and Craft Group, were jointly presented with their medal having made Olympic themed dolls during the craft group.

They explained: “We made dolls over the summer for the flame coming through Brechin. Any dolls that people did not want to keep were then raffled and money raised was given to the Dundee Athletics Club who are our future athletes. We also gave them the doll holding the Olympic flame which they are now using as their mascot.”

The raffle raised £21 for the group.

The second prize-winner was Jessie Rennie who produced a sampler of the Davidson family’s family tree to be displayed in the Davidson Cottage which she entered into the competition.

Jessie said: “When designing it I thought to have the family tree with the names of the family under the tree. I then cheated a little and put the name of the daughter as being the person who made it, making it more authentic.”