Danube talk for members of Probus Club

Brechin Probus Club chairman, Bob Berry, welcomed members to the latest meeting at the Northern Hotel.

He intimated that David Vernon had completed the violins that he had shown to the members at a previous meeting and they were on display for those interested in the end product.

Mr Berry welcomed Dr Elise Andrewes and invited her to address the members on the subject of the Danube.

Dr Andrewes showed slides of a recent trip to Hungary and took the members on a conducted, illustrated tour.

She took them to Budapest showing the location on the Danube and a superb illustration of the suspension bridge connecting Buda and Pest. The architecture of the city is striking and the city has very impressive Houses of Parliament.

Dr Andrewes then captured the vastness of the Hungarian plains and explained how, historically, the large area had once been forested but cleared for strategic defensive reasons by the Ottoman Turks.

The plains are now agriculturally very important and have become the paprika capital of Europe.

The surrounding areas are also important for embroidery and lacework.

Horses are still a predominant feature and there is a connection with the Lipizzaner horses closely associated with the Spanish Riding School.

The group were then taken to Belgrade, at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube, where the Pannonian Plains meet the Balkans.

Serbia had an entirely different feel about it and there was still much evidence of the recent troubles.

Finally, as an addition, they were shown a few impressive photographs of Stromboli which is an active volcano with a classical shape with smoke billowing from its peak.

Bob Berry closed the meeting and reminded members that the Probus Christmas lunch is on December 10, at the Northern Hotel. The new session re-commences on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.