Delving back in time

Tuesday, February 5, 1957: At a meeting of the Brechin Town Council, it was agreed to let the house at 28 Panmure Street to Mr S. Anderson, rector at the High School, at a rent of £100 per annum.

There were six applicants for the house.

One of the happiest family gatherings we have seen for a long time packed the City Hall on Wednesday evening for the concert given under the auspices of the YMCA.

YM boys had popped along in force with fathers, mothers, sisters and aunts cheerfully in tow and from start to finish we can truthfully say a very good time was had by all.

The Brechin Dramatic Society, which traces its “ancestry” on one side to the YMCA Players, put on a comedy sketch as their contribution to the evening’s enjoyment.

The hit of the evening, however, were Messrs James and George Vettese (always good friends of the YM) and their rock n’ roll protege Angus Allison.

It looks as if the success of this item was going to lead to something at the YM.

Miss June Laird was announcer. In charge of the production were Messrs John Martin and John Rattray.

Brechin City took around 400 travelling fans to Hampden Park to see their side take on Queen’s Park in a game which attracted an attendance of 11,500.

Brechiners were early on the way to Glasgow on Saturday and, despite the icy roads and the chill winds in the morning, descended on Hampden Park to see the cup battle.

Goals from Omand (2) and Devine gave the ‘Spiders’ victory. However, City’s treasurer was happy with the £370 cheque the club brought back.

Thursday, February 3, 1966: Mr R. R. Richardson, retiring after 38 years of teaching, was honoured by his colleagues at Damacre School on Friday afternoon.

On behalf of present and some former members of Damacre School staff, the headmaster Mr J. S. Bell, presented him with a fireside chair and a table lamp.

Mr Richardson had taught at for 26 years, during which time he maintained a keen interest in the boys’ football team, and for 12 years served the Primary Schools Football Association as secretary.

Mr Richardson’s contribution to the musical side of school activities is well known, for he conducted four operettas and was responsible for production in three of them.

Mr Richardson will remain at his present address and he looks forward to having more time to devote to music and gardening.

The Town council held a special meeting on Monday to review their housing programme in relation to the White Paper: The Scottish Housing Programme 1965-1970.

On the south side of Montrose Street the council proposes first to develop that part of the street from Southesk Terrace to Witchden Road. For this, the lay-out is in the hands of the planning authority. An early start could be made at the Southesk Terrace end. The terrace can be demolished bit by bit and remaining tenants moved from one part to another.

Two members of the Brechin (2635) Squadron, Corporal Ian D. Fraser, 7 Cookston Crescent and Warrant Officer David Kay, 8 Parkview, have been selected to play football for the Scotland ATC in the national regional cup competition in March.

Ian, after a season with Forfar East End, is now attracting attention playing wing-half for Montrose Roselea.

David, at present, plays inside-forward for Brechin Matrix, following a spell with St Johnstone.

Thursday, February 5, 1976: To mark her retirement after 15 years as an industrial nurse with Matrix Engineering Limited, Mrs Margaret Cruickshank, 25 Trinity Road, was presented with a wrist watch and coffee table from staff by Personnel Officer, Miss J. Small.

The engineering director, Mr J. Buchan, handed over a cheque from the firm. Other gifts included an iced cake baked in her honour.

Mrs Cruickshank did her nurse training and midwifery at Dundee.

She trained as a district nurse in Edinburgh and worked at Walls in Shetland before returning south.

Ex-Provost and Mrs Alexander Buchan were “at home” at their residence in Park Road last Wednesday to members of the Town Council and chief officials who gave up office on the re-organisation of local government last May.

Each former Town Councillor, including the Provost, who is now a Regional and District Councillor, received a plaque, individually inscribed and bearing the Brechin coat of arms. The plaques were handed over by Councillor Buchan.