Delving back in time

March 22, 1960: A B.R.S lorry going north through Brechin at breakfast time skidded at the corner of Swan Street and Clark Street and overturned in front of the Northern Hotel main entrance.

Mrs Flora Mitchell, who was on the pavement cleaning the brass at the door, had a narrow escape.

Seeing the lorry bearing down on her, she dropped her materials and dashed through the swing doors of the hotel.

A split second later part of the lorry’s ten-ton load of waste paper fell on the pavement where she’d been working.

The 50-year-old Aberdeen lorry driver came out of the cabin without a scratch.

A B.R.S breakdown crane put the lorry on its wheels again. It was only slightly damaged and it was re-loaded with the bales of paper.

March 22, 1979: Discos, which have been banned in the Mechanics’ Institute, because of complaints of noise from householders in the neighbourhood, may now be allowed in the City Hall.

This follows the submission of a petition to Councillor Alex Buchan by teenagers of the town.

“I got it through the post and it was most politely worded,” said Councillor Buchan.

“There is nothing wrong with a well-conducted disco but the trouble is that the Mechanics’ Institute is surrounded by houses and acts as a soundbox for the noise reverberating from the dances.”

Councillor Buchan said the City Hall was not in a residential area and would be better for discos. He has taken up the teenagers’ plea with Angus District Council.

March 25, 1994: Brechin High School received its long-awaited minibus last Friday.

This vehicle represents the hard work, sweat and toil of teachers, pupils, parents and city people.

But it has all been worth it - now that they have a brand new 17-seater £14,000 Daf 400 bus.

The school has transport that it can be proud of and a gateway to pursuits around the country.

It was agreed that retired technical teacher Jim Fairweather should accept the keys as a token of gratitude for the years that he looked after the old bus in the past.

Jim, who retired in January 1993, describes himself as a gentleman of leisure and laughingly referred to the old bus.

“I looked after the old one … the one before that too, actually!”