Delving back in time

June 28, 1962:

The Trinity Market returns once more, creating a great spectacle, a Scottish fiesta, a great gathering of shows and people coming from as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Dundee. Midweek, too, when people should be resting from the rigours of earning a livelihood.

This one night, this glamour of a miniature Blackpool, glorious, harsh, exhilarating music and song is like something not of this world.

Treasurer Howe, chairman, told Brechin Education Committee that the policy of Angus Education Committee was to close as few schools as possible.

He was speaking during a discussion initiated by Bailie R. W. McKenzie and Councillor James Pirie, who asked whether it was worthwhile spending money repairing schools with very small rolls.

Bailie McKenzie said their last inspection of schools had shown some to be in an alarming state of disrepair, while Councillor Pirnie referred to Waterside School in Glenesk which had only three pupils.

Treasurer Howe said: “The policy is to centralise country schools if this is possible.”

He told the committee they could always recommend that certain schools are closed and undertook to put forward their views at any time to the County Education Committee.

July 1, 1976:

The need for a major renovation of the x-ray department in block B at Stracathro Hospital was acknowledged, Angus Local Health Council was told last week by the district administrator.

Meantime, however, only minor maintenance work can be carried out until the costs for the renovation can be approved.

The scheme would involve the construction of an extension to the building.

Original estimates for the work totalled £12,000 and costs would probably now be much higher.

Actually substantial upgrading was required.

Inadequacies extended from the staff-room, lack of recovering facilities and storage to patients’ toilets.

In the current financial climate it would not be proceeded with this financial year.

It might be possible for minor remedial works to toilets, etc., to be carried out as a temporary measure.

The council agreed to “keep a watchful eye” on the matter.

At Angus District School’s Athletic meeting last month Alistair Sellar, Brechin High School, won the 800 metre race and set up a new Angus record.

Winners and standard badges recorded include the following from Brechin High School:- Junior boys, long jump standard badge - Alan Reoch; Intermediate boys - winner and standard badge - Nicholas Henderson; 800 metres - wiiner and a new county record - Alistair Seller; 200 metres - standard badge - Robert Duncan; 4 x 100 metres - standard badge - R. Duncan, N. Henderson, A. Seller, H. Barr; Senior boys - Shot putt - winner and standard badge - Ian McRae; 1,500 metres - standard badge - Robert Crowley.

July 4, 1985:

The school closing ceremony at Farnell had a sad significance.

The school was not only closing for the holidays - it was closing altogether and in August 15 pupils will be scattered.

So will their teacher Mrs A Edgar. She will will be going to Portree, Skye, with her husband, former head teacher of P.E. at Brechin High School.

The Rev. J. Perry, parish minister and school chaplain, presided at his first and last closing and Mrs W. MacDonald, former head teacher at Farnell, returned to present the awards.

Elspeth George, a pupil at Maisondieu School, Brechin, has won the Tayside Police road safety slogan competition for 1985 from an entry of nearly 2000.

Elspeth’s winning slogan, which will be seen all over Tayside, was - Look a lot - Live a lot.

The entires were judged by a panel of judges consisting of Mrs Joan Moore, liaison officer with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Mr David Busey of Radio Tay and Superintendent McNicoll of Tayside Police.

Lee Mitchell, also of Maisondieu was one of the finalists with his slogan - Don’t drive wild - mind that child.