Delving back in time

June 17, 1975

The winning entry in the gas-filled balloon race, which was part of the local Round Table’s fund-raising activities during Civic Week was found off the coast of Holland by a London yatchtsman, Mr Michael Tuson.

In reply to a letter from the Round Table, Mr Tuson wrote:

“It was really a case of plain curiosity. I am a yachtsman with a converted motor fishing vehicle named Ice King.

We were coming out of Ostend, bound north, and we passed close to this balloon somewhere between the West Jonder Light vessel and the Aaherts buoy, both of which mark the entrance to the West Scheldt in Holland.

We saw a card attached and did a wide circle, found it again and retrieved it. It was three parts deflated but had obviously been drifting southwards in the north winds which had been blowing for some time. It seemed to have travelled a fair distance, so I returned the card.”

The holder of the winning ticket No 14207 was Mrs Macknight of Durie Place, Edzell, who bought her children balloons at the Public Park on the first Saturday of Civic Week.

This was the only balloon which was returned from outwith Britain.

In all, over 60 cards were returned from destinations as far apart as Wick in the north and Chesterfield in the south.

JULY 5, 1984

The Brechin Cash and Carry in Airlie Street was cleaned out of cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco in a break-in at the weekend.

Over two million cigarettes were included and total cash value of the tobacco stolen was put at £113,000.

It was kept in a locked compartment within the cash and carry, and this was forced open to get at the cartons and boxes.

The break-in occurred after the premises were locked up late on Saturday morning and it was discovered when they were opened up just after 8 a.m on Monday.

August 6, 1992

Charity walker Bobby Campbell from Edzell has received a double boost in the wake of his recent 600 mile marathon effort.

Ministry of Defence constable Bobby completed the 19-day trek from Essex to the US Naval base at Edzell in May, stoppping at MoD establishments en-route, clocking up 35 miles a day.

In his hand for the entire duration was a walking stick crafted by Mearns namesake Edward Campbell, complete with an inscription about the charity event.

“I received a call this week from the MoD police school at Medenham near London, saying they want the stick for their museum and are going to give me £400 to go towards my total”, Bobby said.

“It is terrific news and we are now awaiting the arrangements for taking the stick to London where it will be officially presented to the museum”

The surprise news means that Bobby’s total for the Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children is heading towards £8000 and he has another money-making venture on the cards.

“I have aquired a number of pointings and other items and we are holding a dance and auction at the Edzell base on August 14 which will compklete the fund”, he said.

JULY 6, 2000

Brechin High School’s teachers and pupils had the opportunuity to say their farewells to an individual, who has spent the last three decades working on their behalf, last week.

Ken Sinclair (61), the duputy headteacher at Brechin High School, retired after 31 years in various roles at the school.

Mr Sinclair, who also taught geography at the school, was born and brought up in Leith.

After obtaining a degree in geography from Edinburgh University, he trained as a secondary teacher at Murray House, also in Edinburgh.

After only a brief period of teaching at Crieff High School, he made the move to Brechin to take up the post of head of the geography department.

Over the years Mr Sinclair progressed to assistant and then deputy headteacher at the school.

Whilst Mr Sinclair said he felt teaching had obviously changed over the years, and not always for the better, he sould still recommend it to his pupils as a highly rewarding career.

Whilst he will miss his colleagues and some of the pupils he said he is looking forward to his retirement.

“I am just going to enjoy all the things I have had to squeeze into my life until now because of the demands of work. I have work to do in the house and garden, of course, a bit of travel and a lot of reading.”

Mr Sincliar is married to Isobel, a legal secvretary for a local firm of solicitors, and has two daughters, Kirsten and Gail.

Both girls attended Brechin High School and went on to graduate from Queen Margaret’s College in Edinburgh. They both now live and work in Aberdeen.

Mr Sinclair’s wife handed over the awards at the prize-giving ceremony and his colleagues also marked the occasion with a presentation.