Delving back in time

Down memory lane picture.
Down memory lane picture.

OCTOBER 25, 1975

It seems only recently that pupils, staff and the Rector of Brechin High School were away on a cruise. Another is planned in June next year - and already some pupils are saving hard towards it. This time the ports of call are Scandinavia and the Baltic.

In spite of the increasing cost of travel, there are other pupils and staff interested in the trip planned by Mr Sinclair.

Travelling all the way by coach, they will be staying in Northern Italy (near Venice) and in Yugoslavia. This group consists of pupils from the senior school and from fourth year.

OCTOBER 24, 1985

Twelve sacks of sugar, lentils, dried split peas, wholemeal flour and dried milk powder left Maisondieu Primary, in response to the Band Aid appeal.

The supplies were in 25 kilo sacks and the school expects to fill another six by the end of the week.

Pupils started collecting the items at the beginning of September and, by coincidence, primary seven pupils are currently doing a project on Ethiopia and the Sudan, the destinations of the supplies.

Mrs Sheila McIntosh, the mother of two of the pupils at Andover school, offered to take the supplies to Arbroath station, to be sent to the collecting centre free of charge under the Band Aid scheme.

OCTOBER 26, 1995

Woodlands cover just 2.5% of Tayside, a survey has revealed.

The report, cunducted by Tayside Native Woodlands Initiative, shows that many woods have disappeared, while others have been critically depleted. If these are positively managed they could be restored and developed to benefit the rural economy.

The initiative, which was established two years ago, is a partnership between the Forestry Authority Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Tayside Regional Scotland and Scottish Enterprise Tayside.

“We must act now to protect and enhance these woods before it is too late”, said Tayside Native Woodlands Initiative project director Angea Douglas.