Delving back in time

January 23, 1934: Although it is rumoured that the Montrose L.M.S. Railway Station is soon to be closed for passengers, it is intimated that, commencing on February 10, a late train service on Saturday nights is to be run between Brechin and Montrose.

This train will leave Brechin at 10.45 pm and will return from Montrose at 11.15 pm.

In response to the protest by Montrose merchants and traders regarding the closing of the L.M.S. station there for passenger traffic the company have replied in the effect “that the arrangement under which all passenger trains will run to and from London and North Eastern Company’s station will be a most convenient one, so far as the great majority of the public are concerned and indeed that it will be a much more suitable arrangement than present.”

At the monthly meeting of the School Management Committee last night, it was intimated that the attendance at the burgh and rural schools was considerably affected by the prevalence of mumps, chicken pox. scarlet fever and common colds amongst younger pupils.

Brechin City just managed to qualify for the second round of the Scottish Cup on Saturday when they narrowly beat Beith by two goals to one.

January 25, 1962: The council agreed to approve the plan in principle to make a car park at the foot of City Road, estimated to cost £430, and accommodating 24 to 30 cars. It is hoped to relieve the car parking problems in the High Street.

The lower part of City Road, particularly dangerous to traffic, would be straightened out in the proposed re-alignment.

By clearing away the property and putting down bottoming they would be preparing for the making of the new road.

Though happily there had been no accident there, the blind corner at the junction of Maison Dieu Lane and Market Street could be dangerous to High School pupils on their way home from school.

Two suggestions to eliminate this danger were discussed at Thursday’s meeting of Brechin and District Education Sub-Committee.

Rector Anderson, who was not present due to illness, suggested that, now that one house had been demolished at this corner and the property behind it was being earmarked for demolition, Maison Dieu roadway, which now ran east and west, should be carried up to meet Market Street farther north.

Then, instead of a blind corner, pupils would be able to see traffic coming in both directions. There was ample space is authorities agreed.

The Rev. Dr McNaughtan thought that a much better investment would be to take the access further up, which was already used by a number of children, demolish the old property there and make a fine new entrance.

It was agreed to leave the matter until Rector Anderson could be present.

January 26, 1989: The Brechin Railway Preservation Society, who have rebuilt and now run the four miles of track between Brechin and Bridge of Dun, hope 1989 will be a big year for them.

The society’s main concern is to obtain a running licence which will enable them to operate all year round.

Once they have this they hope to increase their stock and possibly, in the future, extend the line all the way to Montrose.

Earlier this year the line acquired a Class 27 diesel locomotive to add to its stock of four industrial steam locos and it is believed a similar Class 26 engine will be leaving Brechin railway service soon.

To this the society hope to add two new coaches and a brake van.

After a Christmas and new year season which saw attendance records smashed the management of Flicks reckoned it was time for a slightly less hectic month than the previous one. How wrong they were!

On Friday 13 a capacity crowd packed Flicks to witness the first ever “Wodka Wyborowa” party night.

Flicks was chosen as the first ever nightclub in the UK to promote the drink and afterwards the evening was described as a “runaway success”.