Down Memory Lane: Brechin

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60 years ago: Last night in the presence of Inspector Middleton, representing Chief Constable Dingwall, and members of the Town Council, Provost Eddie handed over to Mr David G. Duke, Nursery Lane, the Parchment of the Royal Humane Society in recognition of his gallantry in rescuing from the South Esk on 8th September, 1956, three-year-old James Gold. The Provost said that Duke’s prompt and courageous action saved the child from drowning.

* * * * *

At the monthly meeting of Brechin Town Council, the Town Clerk intimated that the four councillors who retired by rotation were Provost Eddie, Police Judge Young, Hospitalmaster McHardy and Councillor James Millar.

30 years ago: Scotland’s first ‘toad crossing’ signs have been erected on the Brechin-Arbroath road at Montreathmont Moor. Spring has not yet sprung, but Tayside Roads Department has prepared the way for when the sap rises and lovestruck toads hop off to their spawning grounds. t is hoped that the signs will alert motorists and help the toads safely cross from their places of hibernation on the east side to the spawning ponds west of the road a few miles south of Brechin. Toads can sniff out the ‘vegetable soup’ of their favourite spawning pond from several thousand yards away.