Down Memory Lane in Brechin

Brechin Farmers Club 1965

Brechin Farmers Club 1965

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We take a look at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1957 and 1977.

60 years ago: The County Engineer has examined the Edzell Suspension Bridge. It was a very light suspension bridge, he said, subject to periodically very rough handling and its condition, therefore, must be regarded as satisfactory. He recommended a number of minor repairs including the re-aligning of the handrails, renewal of a couple of worn planks, etc. It was agreed to instruct Mr S. Smith, the County engineer, to have the repairs carried out under his supervision, and to ask Laurencekirk Council to contribute to the cost. Since Mr Smith had described the bridge as subject to rough handling, it was suggested the Council consider erecting notice-boards urging respectful “handling”.

30 years ago: Friockheim, Newtyle and, in the long term, Edzell are named as key centres of the future in a report on settlement and development in the Angus countryside prepared by Angus District Council Planning Committee and approved by the Council. The report stressed the no existing villages should be cut off and no new village should be founded. Mr Fergusson, Planning Director, stressed that any future development of Edzell would depend on the replacement of the existing sewage works, while industry would require vetting and careful location. At Friockheim land had already been zoned for approximately 150 houses, but primary school accommodation could be restrictive.