Down memory lane in Brechin

Brechin Amateur Operatic Society 1987
Brechin Amateur Operatic Society 1987

We take a look at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1957, 1977 and 1987.

60 years ago: It seems impossible to restrain the kicking propensities of the average small boy. Last week the Brechin magistrates had to curb the enthusiasm of young lads who had been playing football in the open space in front of Crocket’s Buildings. Not only had pedestrians been annoyed but the efforts of the youngsters to emulate the City’s prowess proved rather detrimental to the good wives’ washing hanging out on the green adjoining.

40 years ago: Kennerty Farm Dairies, Aberdeen, who are expanding their milk sales in Angus, have taken over the milk rounds of Findowrie Dairies in Brechin, Montrose and area. Mr J.A. Barron, Findowrie Dairies, said that only the retail rounds were affected, and they would continue to run their butcher’s shop in Brechin. They would also continue to milk 250 cows at Findowrie, the output going to the Milk Marketing Board.

30 years ago: Brechin Community Council has received an assurance from Flicks nightclub that plans to re-establish a cinema in the premises have not been abandoned. Last week’s meeting heard that the reopening of a cinema was a condition of planning approval for the disco.

Brechin’s disused Denburn Works in Montrose Street would make a perfect site for the town’s proposed sports centre, the meeting decided.