Drama sessions for youngsters

Pyjama Drama is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this week by offering a specially written drama session for children aged six months to seven years.

Drama, pretending and role-play are some of the most instinctive things that children do.

They laugh, they play, they learn. From a young age, drama is how children make sense of the world around them. They recreate events that happen to them, use their imaginations to explore different worlds and role-play characters to see how they fit into it all.

In a Pyjama Drama class children are encouraged to use their imaginations to explore different worlds through pretending, playing, singing and dancing.

Dini Dubber, who teaches Pyjama Drama sessions at The Croft Pre-School and Out of School Club in Stonehaven as well as delivering public classes in Stonehaven and Laurencekirk during school term time explains:

“We feel that this was the perfect opportunity for children to join in with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and celebrate this very special occasion in a unique and fun way!

“As with all of our sessions this unique Diamond Jubilee session is packed with opportunities for children to pretend, play, sing, dance and have fun!”

In the next few weeks Dini will be delivering this session in all of her public and nursery classes as well as bringing it to a number of playgroups and other nurseries in the South Aberdeenshire and Angus areas. She is also planning on delivering a specially written Olympic session.

“Children respond instinctively to role-play, using their imaginations to explore different worlds.

“Pyjama Drama sessions offer them a structured and secure environment in which they can learn whilst they laugh and have fun.

“I am really looking forward to exploring the worlds of a Royal Celebration and The Olympic Games with the children in South Aberdeenshire and Angus!”

If you would like to find out more about Pyjama Drama classes available in your area, or about the special Diamond Jubilee and Olympic sessions Pyjama Drama are offering to Playgroups and Nurseries in the South Aberdeenshire and Angus areas, please contact Dini on 0844 310 0618 or email her at dini@pyjamadrama.com.