Dundonian Poet entertains Rotary

At last week’s Brechin Rotary Club meeting at the Caledonian Hotel member John Cavanagh invited Performance Poet Mark Thomson.

Mark was born in Dundee and, after an early life on building sites and factories, he became inspired to write “a line or twa” in broad Dundonian.

As he eloquently put it: “Eh wis born an bred in a toon called Dundee, so wis meh mither an father afore me. We’ve got a habit o talkin dead fest wi oor speech o which I wis blessed.”

Mark said he now uses this “speech o which I wis blessed” in his role as a freelance poet, and has performed all over Scotland, including schools, prisons, on the radio and, recently, the Wickerman festival.

He has several books of poems including the well known “Bard fae thi buildin’ site”.

The sheer energy in which he “shifted stanzas like they were going out of fashion” revealed a passion and love of Dundee, and ensured a thoroughly entertaining evening at Rotary.

Rotary Club member Andy Edgar gave Mark a vote of thanks.