Floral clubs say it with flowers

The flowers are placed for memebrs of the public to find
The flowers are placed for memebrs of the public to find

The Brechin and District Floral Art Club is one of 70 floral art clubs in Scotland set to “say it with flowers” on Friday, May 1.

The National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) is to mark National Flower Arranging Day on May 1 by distributing 60,000 bouquets across the UK.

The Brechin club will be doing their bit by distributing bouquets in their area.

NAFAS is using ‘The Lonely Bouquet’ concept for the second year.

“The Lonely Bouquet’ is a kind of goodwill gesture that involves leaving a bouquet in a public place to be picked up by an unsuspecting passerby.

The motivation behind this anonymous act of kindness is simply to bring a smile to someone’s’ face.

Last year, NAFAS embraced ‘The Lonely Bouquet’ concept for the very first time and distributed thousands of bouquets across the UK. The feedback was outstanding.

Pat Wilson, area chairman of Scottish Association of Flower Arrangement Societies, part of NAFAS, said: “Last year NAFAS asked its 60,000 members to distribute ‘Lonely Bouquets’ across the UK. The feedback we had was outstanding and really highlighted the power of flowers! We received thousands of tweets, emails and letters thanking us.

“The responses from those who had received bouquets were incredibly personal and very emotional, from a woman who was undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer who found a pink floral arrangement which gave her hope and courage; to a man who found a posy of 36 blooms on the day of his 36th wedding anniversary which he gave to his wife!”

Kirriemuir and District Floral Art Club, Montrose and District Floral Art Club and Arbroath Flower Club will also be taking part in the flower give away

NAFAS hopes that by promoting the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ concept it can, in turn, promote the flower industry itself and attract new members to join their local NAFAS flower club. 60,000 NAFAS members will again distribute mystery bunches of blooms across the UK.

Flowers will be placed every-where, from park benches and shop doorsteps, to well-known landmarks and surprise locations. NAFAS hope that these small posies will find a home and brighten somebody’s day.

The bouquet’s new owners are encouraged to post a message back to NAFAS, to let them know it found a good home. You can contact them via their website www.nafas.org.uk, Facebook/NAFAS_flowers or on Twitter@NAFAS_flowers using #nafasthelonelybouquet