From Russia to Brechin for Andy

Members of Brechin Rotary Club were treated to a presentation by one of their own members at their latest meeting.

Held at the Caledonian Hotel, member Andy Edgar entertained the members in his own inimitable way.

His presentation featured a business trip he took 10 years for his company NCR to St Petersburg in Russia.

A Rotary spokesperson said: “He recalled the trials and tribulations of actually getting to Russia with the extensive bureaucratic hoops that he had to go through. Once there Andy seemed to have mixed a little business with a lot of pleasure.

“His presentation outlined visits to such places as the fabulous Catherine Palace with its sumptuous Amber Room, the quaint Hermitage theatre and the cruise boat used extensively by Vladimir Putin. All the time Andy was escorted by an ex KGB driver, often in an armoured car!”

Rotary Club member Bruce Robertson gave Andy a vote of thanks for his look at St Petersburg.