From the archive: 50 years ago

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It would give her many old friends in Brechin great satisfaction to learn that Miss Catherine Hollingworth had been awarded an OBE in the Birthday Honours.

Miss Hollingworth is the only daughter of the late Mr and Mrs James Hollingworth. Mr Hollingworth was well-known in the musical life of the district for half a century.

A pupil of Brechin High School in the days when there was less opportunity for the individual pupil to develop out of the ordinary talents, Miss Hollingworth’s dramatic gifts first found expression in a Shakespeare play “put on” by the Girl’s Club in the Latch garden. Later, she was to go to London to study drama and take her LRAM (Eloc.)

She might have gone on to a worthwhile stage career but became interested in speech therapy. After qualifying, she received an appointment under Aberdeen Education Authority, which has had most happy and fruitful results.

Asked about the progress at the extension to the Public Library at the latest Town Council meeting, the Burgh Surveyor said that the difficult job of putting the concrete on to the roof had been done the previous week and had now been left to set.

Mr Young, the architect, thought that the work should be completed in August or September.