From the archives: 30 years ago

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Mrs Margaret Brymer, Wards Road, Brechin, has received a petition with the names of 72 mothers backing her efforts to get toilets provided in the public park.

The signatories all have young families and the lack of toilets in the park has been a problem for this age group for some time. Mrs Brymer, who is a member of Brechin Community Council, presented the petition to them but was told that before it could have community council support for submission to Angus District Council, the addresses of the mothers would also be required. The community council also suggested petition forms should be placed ins hops in Brechin so the request could receive more widespread support.

This year’s Christian Aid campaign had a very encouraging start last Friday when the Brechin Churches Young Woman’s Group broke their previous record for the annual ‘Good As New Sale’.

The Young Women found that proceeds of their effort amounted to £350. The Group had also earmarked £150 from the money their raised from the sale of Cookery Books for Christian Aid so the total they will be handing over is £500.