From the archives: 30 years ago

Brechin has no purpose built leisure centre and there are no plans for one to be built in the foreseeable future.

Brechin School Council feels the town is entitled to be somewhere in the queue for such a facilities and has broached the subject with the community council in the hope of further discussion between their respective representatives.

The School council and its chairman, Mr Kenneth Dron, rector of Brechin High School, are regularly asked if more use could not be made by the public of the leisure facilities available in the physical education block of the school,. particularly the swimming pool. “The answer, as things stand at the moment, has to be no, for various reasons,” says Mr Dron.

The long-cherished dream of Brechin Railway Preservation Society to re-open the line from Brechin to Bridge of Dun, should be realised by April or May of net year.

Progress reports were given at the society’s annual meeting in the Damacre Centre when members were told that 12 months of hard work lay ahead for the work to be finished.

The society now has sufficient passenger rolling stock for operation of steam trains on the line through its operating arm, the Caledonian Railway Co.