From the archives: 30 years ago

The Edzell tartan was introduced to the public at the 25th anniversary celebrations for the US Navy base on Saturday.

Commanding officer Captain Fred Demech wore a tie of Edzell Tartan, which includes the dark blue of the US Air Force and the red of the US marines and Army and the white of the ocean waves. The tartan was designed by Mrs Janet Demech, and Mrs Pam Schaffer, wife of the operations officers, with the expert advice of Mr Arthur Mackie, manager of the Strathmore Woollen Co., Forfar.

Many of the American navymen and marines have been keen to trace any Scottish connection while serving at Edzell and now the will be able to wear the tartan which has been officially registered. The celebrations stretched over 14 hours, concluding with a barn dance.

Councillor Wallace Thom says he has no difficulty in predicting what is going to happen to the next session’s programme at the Damacre Centre.

“Already some organisations are beginning to look for alternative accommodation because of the uncertainty your decision is creating,” he has told Tayside Region’s further education department. The decision he referred to is that of the department to make two part-time workers redundant at the centre, which led to concern about its future.