From the archives: 30 years ago

Angus District Council’s planning committee were told on Monday night that people living near a proposed leisure complex at Brechin feared that the noise could be unbearable.

The committee were considering an application to convert the King’s Cinema in High Street into a complex comprising lounge, dance and bingo halls and cinema.

More than 30 residents have signed a petition against the development and the committee also had before them many letters of objection.

Regional Councillor Wallace Thom, Brechin, speaking for the objectors, said the residents feared the noise could be unbearable. They had no wish to curtail anyone’s business activities but wanted an assurance that the noise would be contained within the building.

Tayside Regional Council is to spend more on pavements throughout the Region.

This year, the Roads Department has included £1,045,000 for pavement maintenance in its Revenue Estimates. In June, a provisional £500,000 was added to the Department’s Capital Budget for a programme of pavement reconstruction.