From the archives: 40 years ago

Scots have given a resounding ‘no’ to proposals to change to a system of postal addresses based on the new regional names.

The Scottish Postal Board has announced that because of the clear expression of opinion objecting to the proposals the existing country names are to be retained.

The Department of The Environment had written to the Town Council agreeing to the erection of advance direction signs to indicate the distance of the Round Tower an Maisondieu Chapel from the bypass.

The Council was asked where they would like the signs erected. The Roads Committee agreed to advise the Department to erect the signs prior to junctions north and south of the city. The City of Brechin Civic Trust had written suggestion improvement in the signposting of the approaches to the Cathedral and offering to make some contribution to the cost of suitable signs. Sign posting is in hand, the Council is informing the Trust, thanking them for the offer of a finical contribution but this will not be necessary.

A fine evening helped the annual Parent Teacher Association’s sale of work at Andover School on Friday to achieve a new record of £625, an increase of £118.