From the archives: 40 years ago

Brechin Community Association have written to Angus District Council protesting strongly that Brechin has no district police court, especially as it had the ideal accommodation in the burgh court room.

Brechin cases at district court level will now be heard at Montrose and the association consider that the distance of eight miles does not make all that much difference.

“We have a courtroom with rooms for the magistrates, clerk and witness,” said Mr Kinghorn. “The Association feel that if this is available there is no need for the District Council to spend money on providing accommodation elsewhere.”

“The future of Stracathro as a district general hospital for the area is assured in the medium term at least,” Mr Robert Hughes, Minister responsible for Health, has told Mr Alick Buchanan-Smith, MP for North Angus and Mearns.

It had always been envisaged that some time in the future the Health Board would consider the longer term prospect, taking account of all needs. But if the board contemplated any change they would now have to consult the new Health Councils and they would keep Mr Buchanan-Smith informed.