From the archives: 40 years ago

Councillor R.A. Mackenzie, one of Brechin’s representatives on the District Council, was surprised to read in the press, in a report on the previous night’s meeting of the Community Association, that the former Town Council gavel had disappeared.

A former Town Councillor had claimed that heads of departments of the new authorities were ‘plundering’.

Councillor Mackenzie went straight to reassure himself that the gavel was where he believed it to be - in the Burgh Museum, where it was taken with the Magistrates’ robes and other civic insignia.

The Conservative Summer Fete at Gallery House will have as guest speaker Mr Ted Heath, making his first big speech in the country since his defeat by Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

Mr Heath celebrated his 59th birthday yesterday.

Keep your eyes open for the Butlin’s Mobile Job Shop.

Bumper bookings mean we have jobs for men or women, young or old, students or not, at our holiday centres. Pay is good, board and accommodation is free, travelling expenses are refunded.

High Street Car Park are, Brechin, on Monday, 14th July, all day.