From the archives: 40 years ago

Brechin City have been presented with a new flag - the letters BCFC in red on a white backgrounds - by Mrs Davina Nelson, wife of the Mr Hugh Nelson, Arbroath, who was recently made an honorary life members of the Club.

His father, who pioneered the Brechin-Arbroath bus service was at one time chairman of the club. Mrs Davina Nelson also belongs to Brechin.

Angus, with many other parts of the country, was swept by thunder and lightning storms on Monday forenoon, the most severe for a number of years.

Electricity cuts were reported from different part of the county. The torrential rain cause damage to gardens and berry fields in Brechin the steep streets and closes ran with water. A number of telephones were reported out of order. East Kintrockat, the home of the Hon. and Mrs John Leslie, was damaged by lightning. The lightning struck a chimney stack at the end of the house and dislodged masonry went though the roof of a single story annex. All the fuses went and they were left without power or telephone. Workmen, who came to clear up the debris, stretched a tarpaulin over the damaged roof, as a temporary measure.