From the archives: 40 years ago

The re-organisation of local government means changes in the administration of Brechin City Band which up to May of this year came under Brechin Town Council.

The Council had representatives on the Band Committee. Responsibility for the Band has now been assumed by the District Council.

At the annual meeting of the Band it was pointed out that as a result a new constitution would be required. Councillors Alex Buchan and R. W. Mackenzie, who represent Brechin on the District Council, will represent the Council on the Band Committee.

It is hoped that the Band will come under Brechin Community Council when this is formed.

At the Inveresk Community Association meeting, Mr Charles Simpson, chairman, said there had been discussions regarding a crossing at Edzell and both police and the district roads department had been asked for advice on its siting.

The number of children involved was not great at particular times of the day, but it did not matter whether there was one child or 20 children crossing the busy High Street, it was something which would have to be resolved.