From the archives: 50 years ago

1965 has come in on stormy wings and last Wednesday was one of the wildest nights for years. While we did not feel the force of the 70 mph gale which hit the central highlands, a good deal of minor damage was done to property in and around the town, and roads were temporarily blocked by fallen trees. Edzell woods had their worst hammering since the great gale of 12 years ago. On the Lang Straucht leading to the village, trees had fallen solidly across the road for about a hundred yards.

The members of the Officers’ Wives Club at the US Navy Base at Edzell, threw a party last Wednesday for 28 of Brechin’s senior citizens. Through Mrs Thoms, Mrs Everson and her ladies extended an invitation to tea to all on the ‘Meals-on-Wheels’ list.