From the archives: 50 years ago

A house to house collection is to be made in Brechin in connection with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Appeal. At the Council meeting Councillor Mrs Duke volunteered to organise the collection here, and Bailie Buchan, who was in the chair, thanked her on behalf of the Council.

Angus County Council are not to do anything towards providing new slaughterhouses in the county, it was decided by the Health Committee on Monday. The County Clerk, Mr A. MacKnight, said that it would be expensive to bring slaughterhouses at Montrose and Brechin up to modern standards and it might not be economic. Though the County Council were empowered to provided slaughterhouses, they were not obliged to do so. If the slaughterhouses at Montrose and Brechin did not continue in operation, butchers would have to make their own arrangements regarding supplies.