From the archives: 50 years ago

Three tenders had bene received for the provision of a children’s paddling pool at the Inch. The lowest (for £901) was from Messrs Burness & Son (Montrose ) LTd., and it was agreed to accept this subject to re-scrutiny. The Burgh Surveyor said that the had hoped to keep the cost to within £800. The original figure had been £650 to £700.

The Town Council, after discussion, agreed to give a donation of 25 guineas to the Scottish Council (Development and Industry). In previous years they have given 15 guineas. The figure suggested by the Scottish Council is £6 per thousand of population. Provost Millar remarked that the Scottish Council did a very good job in bringing industries to Scotland, but he did not think Brechin could afford to give more. Dean of Guild Kennedy though it was for the places which got the new industries to give more.