From the archives: 50 years ago

Farnell Castle was one of the historic buildings in Scotland for which the Ministry of Public Building and Works made a grant towards

repair work last month.

Farnell Castle, which belongs to the Earl of Southesk, is a fine old stronghold situated about a mile from Kinnaird Castle, on the north side of the parish church and overlooking the Den of Farnell through which flows the Pow Burn.

Until the middle part of the 18th century the castle was maintained as a private residence. The Earl of Southesk then had it converted into a home for elderly people on the estate and in the parish, in whom the Countess also took a warm practical interest The work carried out then no doubt had helped to preserve this fine old castle to the present day.

Expenditure of £185 for blinds for Fettercairn Primary School was queried at Kincardine County Council meeting by Mr J. G. Fremantle, Johnshaven.

“Have they got to be Venetian blinds?” He asked. The Director of Education, Mr B. B. Smith, said they need not be Venetian blinds. But the children must have some protection from the sun and this type of blind would match a modern school rather than the draw-curtain type.