From the archives: 50 years ago

Provost Millar told the Town Council that it had been reported to Angus Finance Committee that the plans for the new Brechin High School were going forward apace, and should be completed by August, 1966.

There would be no danger of them not being ready whenever money might be made available.

It appeared, the Provost added, that the school would have to be finished by 1970 when the school leaving age was to be raised; so they could not be so very long before they made a start.

On a bright but blustery morning, members of the Town Council and officials accompanied by members of the Guildry Incorporation walked in procession from the Municipal Buildings to the Cathedral on Sunday for the annual Kirkin’ of the Council service.

The Rev. T. Birnie Noble, tenens in the vacancy, took the impressive service.

The Rev. Peter M. Gordon, Camperdown, Dundee, has accepted the call to Brechin Cathedral.

Mr Gordon preached as sole nominee in the Cathedral last Sunday morning, when there was a congregation of 600. Voting took place on the Monday. The charge has been vacant since the Rev. James Anderson retired in November. Mr Gordon’s induction has been fixed for July 7.