From the archives: 50 years ago

The cost of the children’s paddling pool which is to be built at the Inch is to be met from the H. G. Mitchell Fund.

In January the Council agreed expenditure on the pool should not exceed two year’s interest from the Fund. In March they accepted a tender of £901 from Messrs. Burness and Son (Montrose) Ltd. This tender only provided the pool proper with paved surround and drainage.

The Round Table undertook to meet the cost of a low wall round the pool and other amenities.

Las year’s interested earmarked for the pool amounted to £560; the interest for this year, ending May 15, the Council was informed last Monday, would be £566 19s 7d, a total of £1127.

The Town Clerk pointed out that income not spent in any year had to be accumulated, that is, returned to capital.

Angus Education Committee, after having their original figures remitted back for fourth scrutiny, approved a total estimate of £2,044,940 (net £1,856,890).

This, said ex-Provost A. C. Smyth, was an increased of £134,362 on the rate. The original estimate which was sent back to the various Committees to revise was £2,048,000. They had only been able to cut it by £3,060.