From the archives: 50 years ago

Angus Area Fire Brigade is soon to become the third in Scotland to have a junior fireman training scheme.

Selected boys, not less than 16-years-old, but under 17 on the enrolment date, will undertake a two-year course in everything a modern fire-fighter has to know.

School-leavers hoping to enrol should have “O” levels in at least two subjects (English and mathematics).

The scheme will start in Dundee during the first weeks of August Applications should be made to the Firemaster, Dundee.

The City of Brechin Pipe Band are still hopeful there will be some fine weekends before the end of the season.

They are planning to be out most Saturdays to raise money. New tunics, cross belts and white spats are badly needed to smarten up the kilts.

To equip the lads will take about £300. This will take a lot of raising and it is hoped that the public will make a generous response. Social evenings are also to be held.

Estimated net expenditure of £269,962 for 1965-66 was approved by Angus Fire Area Joint Committee in Dundee.

This is an increase of £27,492 over last year’s actual expenditure. The requisitions, based on standard rateable values, are: - Dundee, £180,103; Angus, £70,694; Arbroath, £19,165.