From the archives: 50 years ago

Provost C. W. Renilson, Forfar, at Angus Education Committee last week gave notice for the next meeting of the Education Committee that he would move that the raising of the school-leaving age should be postponed.

“Representations should be made in the strongest possible terms,” he said, “to let St. Andrew’s house know that the shortage of teachers and of accommodation throughout Scotland makes the feeling unanimous that I would be wrong to raise the school-leaving age.”

In recent weeks, said Provost Renilson, he had been in touch with headmasters, teachers and people win authority and their attitude was that the school-leaving age should not be touched. Children were maturing earlier nowadays and there was talk of giving the vote at 18. “Before long we will have school children voting, he added.

One of Mr Edward Heath’s first appearances in Scotland as leader of the Conservative Party will be at Thornton Castle, Laurencekirk, on Saturday.

An official of North Angus and Mearns Unionists Association, who are organising the fete at Thornton, the home of Sir Colin and Lady Thornton-Kemsley, stated on Tuesday night that there had been no word from Mr Heath about any chance in his plans to be at Thornton on Saturday afternoon.