From the archives: 50 years ago

While recruiting for the Army in the counties of Angus, Fife and Perth is controlled by the Army Recruiting Officer in Dundee,

Brechin will now have its own Army Information Centre.

The new centre will be opened in the Drill Hall, Bank Street on September 1.

Montrose is also to have a Centre from the same date.

The idea behind opening such a centre in places which have a good recruiting potential and produce a good type of recruit is to enable the regular recruiting sergeant to get to know local people and to become a member of the community. It is also more convenient for potential applicants.

An Angus rink has won the Scottish police rink championship for the second year in succession.

The county had not been successful in the previous 38 years of the trophy’s existence. In three closely contested matches in Edinburgh, Angus defeated Glasgow and Ayrshire, and then Lanarkshire in the final in which they were two shots up after the 17 ends.

The Angus rink was the same as that which won the trophy last year:- Constable James Innes, Edzell; Constable R. Leslie, Montrose; Constable D. Byars, Auchterhouse; and Constable H. Millin, Brechin (skip).